How detrimental is duplicate content?

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Until now I'd been told that duplicate content was something to be avoided like the plague. When it comes to article marketing, I've always tried to create unique content, ultimately the information might not change very much but I never copy and paste content when writing my articles.

Obviously this is very time intensive and I'm wondering:
  1. What tools you use to spin articles
  2. How useful these tools are
  3. How much duplicate content you can get away with when publishing articles to different dofollow article directories.

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    1) I don't use any spinners

    2) To me, they aren't very useful.

    3) You can get away with 100% duplicate content on the article directories if you are the original author or can prove claim to the content.
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      Most of my articles are syndicated unchanged over hundreds of sites. Never been a problem.
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    The answer to this isn't as clear-cut as you think. Many argue the "no duplicate" view and vice versa. I personally use no duplicate purely for the "just in case" factor... i.e. just in case Google decides to penalize duplicate content in the future (if not already). As for spinners, The Best Spinner is definitely the best out there to date. BTW, if funds allow, you could try if you need articles rewritten & submitted to directories. Good luck!

    P.S. I have submitted duplicate content on a mass scale to article directories in the past with no apparent penalty.
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    I use TheBestSpinner. There may be better article spinners out there, but, so far, this one works best for me.

    I tried a few free ones, but they take time and often crashed my computer.

    The Best Spinner is pretty user friendly, and, most of all, creates great unique content articles.

    I personally write most of my content, and use a spinner to generate unique content for my blogging. For example, Hubpages will not allow links in your article if it is not unique content.

    I generally spin 10 extra articles to keep in "storage" for when I need more content for my sites or blogs. Or, they can be useful to sell as well, i.e. if you decide to go that route, or something to assign to a VA.

    I usually shoot for at least 35 to 50% unique, however, I've talked to other IMs and they tell me I'm too overly concerned about the unique side of article writing, but I do think it will pay off in the long run.
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    Originally Posted by jcpeden View Post

    3. How much duplicate content you can get away with when publishing articles to different dofollow article directories.
    Articles are not duplicated they are syndicated. You can syndicate articles as much as you'd like Although, keep in mind that real syndication is not posting your articles on other directories. True syndication (the kind with great SEO and traffic benefits) is when webmasters enjoy your content and decide to post it on their site b/c they think that their readers will enjoy it as well - this is what you should be striving for with your articles.
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    Thanks for the great input everyone. I had only been thinking about the effects of duplicate/syndicated content from an SEO standpoint and was wondering whether or not Google penalised if it was used too much.

    Again, it seems to be one of those things that Google may or may not penalise in the future so it's worth being careful.
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    Duplicate content is when you are using the same content on the same website. The same article on many different sites is syndication. At least that is how I understand it.
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    Dupe content on different sites is not considered dupe? you just told me something new
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    specializing in SmartPhones , Internet security, high tech gadgets, search engines, tech shows, digital cameras.

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