Two or more links in article body = Less Link Juice?

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For my newest site i have been sending out a lot of articles (directories, blog submissions etc) with just one link and I have had pretty good results for google rankings. Would putting both links I am targeting (there are only two keywords for the site) on each article bring less link juice rather than just making an article for each keyword? Very curious about this.
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    Well.. If you have one outgoing link on a page it should have twice the juice of two outgoing links on a page, and three links on a page would or should be 1/3 less as potent.

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    I think 2 links is enough in article body, the 1st link at your home page the the 2nd link link is to your blog. Relevancy is important.
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    You would get virtually the same amount of "link juice" from both links. It's a good opportunity to mix up your anchor text. You could use your primary keyword once and then your plain URL once - both pointing to the same page or different pages depending on your circumstance.
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      I am targeting two keywords the same page on my site. I am #11 for one keyword and around #8 for the other. This will be a very interesting test because the #11 keyword is a lot harder than the #8. I am pretty much stuck at #11 with consistent linking, so if the link juice is any less using 2 anchors per articles I will drop. But if it is equal link juice I will maintain #11 and rise with #8. I was ranked #6 previously with the now #8 spot but I had stopped linking for a while and dropped to #8.

      This should measurably prove if more anchors per article divides link juice per anchor text. I will post my results when i see them.
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        The way I hear it, if both links point to the same page, only the first one will be considered.

        If each link points to a different page, they'll take a little link juice from each other, but unless they're the only links on the page, it'll be more than worth it. For example, if your article is posted on a page that contains 5 links plus your article, and you only have one link in the article, your link gets 1/6 of the page's juice. If you have 2 links in the article, you get 2/7 of the juice.

        I wouldn't count on the same applying if both links point to the same page.

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    If you had a second link to a different site to promote, then normally I would recommend mixing up the links just to increase the number of links from unique sites pointing to each.

    However, do not pass up the opportunity to add your second link, even though it is pointing to the same site.
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    i suggest 3 links, because 1waylinks allow at most 3 links in a article, and my personal suggestion is:
    1.main keywords as anchor link to your main page
    2.spin main keyword links to your main page
    3.spin keywords#2 links to your subcategory page
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