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Hi everyone. I have been reading like crazy here and have asked a few questions which you all have been so great about answering. But I feel like I'm almost as clueless as when I started. The only thing I really have down is how to write SEO content and create SEO tags and categories to back them up. I have my links in my signatures on all forums, in my email and I have both a Twitter account (48 followers) and a FB fan page (pretty slow going). I've been visiting sites that have to do with gardening and make worthwhile comments with my URL added (some of them are no-follow, I believe). I've listed our farm with which has a high ranking and seems to place high in search engine results. I'm also writing unique articles for some of the more popular content pages like Associated Content, etc.

But as I read, I'm getting extremely overwhelmed, and I feel like I'm trying to learn an entire new language! I have no desire to generate links into my site that are generic, random, nonsensical links. I think I can build good backlinks from high ranking sites with some diligence on my part. I don't really get no follow and do follow. I don't understand trackbacks and pingbacks.

My rank in alexa has steadily climbed since I started working on the site. I've gone from like 27 million to 5 million but I know I've got a long way to go. So far, the best search results are if you search for "Fort Smith Farmers Market" in google - I am in 4th position. This is great for local traffic, but not so hot for content traffic to generate ad clicks.

I'm also trying desperately to find a keyword phrase for a niche site. I'd like to put up 3 sites in the next few weeks. I'm using Google's Keyword tool, I've tried looking for ideas in magazines and online product sites. I'm just at a loss. I have wasted countless hours on that keyword tool with nothing to show for it.

I know this is a crazy long post, but I'm going crazy myself. I have tried tutorials, looking up these terms I'm unfamiliar with, etc. I just don't know where to start now that I've got a solid stream of SEO content to my site. Can you help me figure out what my next steps are? Thanks for helping to decrease the noob population in your community!
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    Hi Eileen,

    Yikes! Driven to the point of needing Xanax? I hear ya'!

    I took a look at your Parker Pond Farm site. Cute site. Great beginnings.

    Here are a few suggestions I would have for you:

    First, traffic takes time. You are set the wheels in motion, now you need to play the waiting game.

    While you are waiting, keep adding valuable content to your site and trickle content throughout the web. Continue to establish yourself as an authority in your field- no pun intended.

    Take your topics from your forum and start writing as an authority on each of those. Organize these on your website to get better targeted Google ads. That will increase your click-through rate.

    To increase traffic and also increase AdSense income, you may want to publish on some AdSense revenue sharing sites, such as Helium, Infobarrel, etc.

    You may want to incorporate Amazon products throughout your content. This is more convenient for your readers and it helps you to 'hit 'em while they're hot'.

    Check out, if you haven't already, Squidoo lenses as a place to build your reputation as an authority plus focus on Amazon products.

    I think you need to decide whether you want to build your local business or focus on non-local traffic re: your farm site. If you are confused as to what you want to do, your readers will be, too, and they will leave your site in search of the Xanax!

    If you go local, then focus on your farm, its residents, your products, offer recipes, etc. Get some videos of the kids on the farm, take some great shots of your farm, etc.

    If you go non-local, then minimize the local aspect.

    As far as your questions re: niche selection: are you looking for 3 totally different niches, each separate from each other and the farm, or 3 niches related to your farm?


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    Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I guess my frustration/insanity are coming from the fact that I want to work on my farm site because that's what I love. I'm an organic gardening freak and so I'm passionate about the topic. On the other hand, I am really excited by the idea of niche marketing. Since I can write my own content, my husband can work on link-building. What it boils down to is that we need an income for him. I was thinking three separate (or perhaps related) key phrases that would be non-farm related.

    I had heard of Squidoo, and I will definitely check that out. I do already belong to Helium and InfoBarrel both. I was surprised yesterday to see that eHow isn't publishing new articles any more.

    Would you recommend doing picture ads with Amazon or linked text or both?

    Really appreciate you!
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      Hi Eileen,

      To answer your question re: picture or text links, I would have to say use both. This makes it very easy for your reader to get to Amazon to order the product(s).

      With you writing the content and your husband doing the link building, you have a perfect partnership to build an awesome online empire in the organic farming/gardening niche. This is a niche that is definitely trending up! I don't think you need to pursue 3 unrelated niches to provide an income for both of you.

      You could continue to build your farm site, but you could also build separate authority sites of 20 pages plus each in each of the topics you have on your forum. Monetize these with Google AdSense.

      You could also build separate Amazon affiliate sites for specific items such as greenhouses, row covers, etc. You can build sites to that zero in on customers looking at one certain greenhouse, plus you can build another site called, or something like that, where you discuss greenhouses in general and review them. These would be monetized with Amazon affiliate income.

      Eventually work your way into video marketing and creating your own info-products. You may even want to check Clickbank for info-products now and create sites to promote them.

      To make it all easier in the long run and to remain Xanax-free, I think it would be easier to stay within one general niche such as organic marketing and then branch off into more specific things, such as greenhouses, tools, books, etc.

      The possibilities are endless!

      One program that you might find helpful is "Bring the Fresh". Tiffany Dow just wrote a detailed review on it. Check it out, if you can.

      Best of luck to you, Eileen!

      I need a partner like your husband. I can write the content but the learning curve of the techno side slows me down to almost a halt!


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        Originally Posted by smwordsmith View Post

        Hi Eileen,
        I need a partner like your husband. I can write the content but the learning curve of the techno side slows me down to almost a halt!
        My husband is willing, but he's not as technically savvy as I am. I'm just out of my element with this stuff.

        I can't tell you how much I appreciate your feedback. I am definitely going to look into branching out in the same industry. That way I won't have to waste time on research (since any garden-related research is a good learning experience for me anyway).

        Here's to a successful crop!
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    I think I know the answer but...

    Can I get away with "" or does it need to be "" (totally intentional misspelling!). I'm thinking exact-match, top-level domain.
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      I don't have that much experience, and the advice given has been good, but just a couple things I'd like to point out.

      You have a nice site and a good start ... some solid content.

      I'm not a big fan of the Facebook and Twitter icons above your home page content. I think you might consider putting them in the sidebar.

      Also, my own experience with that Amazon rotating widget has not been good. I have had better luck than I ever anticipated with some static Amazon affiliate ads, however.

      Just my .02 cents.

      Adsense no more ...

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    Hi OKFarmgirl,

    The easiest and best things to do (wrt seo) is to make sure you know exactly what keyword you want to get highly ranked in the search engines (lets assume its greenhouse plans), and then to do the following :

    1. Make sure the keyword is at the start of the title of the website. Eg: Greenhouse Plans - Build Your Own GreenHouse for a lot less

    2. Try and get every link that points back to you to have the keyword as the anchor tag (so your link will look like : <a href="">Greenhouse Plans</a>

    3. Do a search on google and look for the phrase:

    "guest blogger" welcome +keyword

    So you would search for :
    "guest blogger" welcome +"greenhouse plan"
    "guest blogger" welcome +greenhouse + garden
    "guest blogger" welcome +vegetable +greenhouse

    Get the idea?

    This will find you hundreds, if not thousands of other people's blogs that will welcome guest bloggers. This means they allow you to post an article on their blog with a link back to your website. Start doing this on a regular basis and watch your webtraffic skyrocket..

    Otherwise keep doing as you are doing, and eventually all will come good..

    I hope this post helps

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