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Here is a great blue print I use in general. I tweak for every case as every good seo should though.

Anyways, I usually start by making sure I have three things.

Web 2.0 properties

Content for my site

Content for article directories

I usually make 10 or 15 web 2.0s to start off with (outsourced) and immediately place links on about 5 or so of those properties within the content.

The content I have for my site I pay more for in order for it to have natural link bait value in addition to making google happy. I drip this content on my sites slowly, maybe one or two articles every couple of days.

The content I have for article directories is cheap content ($4/article) and I mix the links in each to go to both my money site homepage and moneysite internal pages. I also drip the distribution of this with the same velocity as my site content.

After one or two weeks, after you see from 5-20 spider visits a day, start building blog comment links, make sure you don't build too many, within the first months only build a max of 40-50 to each page over a week.

Also get blog links or profile links to your web 2.0 properties. and drip them the same way.

If you have noticed it pattern, it is the fact that I drip everything, pace it out because it looks so much more natural and Google loves it.

Do this and you should steadily move up the ranks with small dances in between everytime you build links. It usually costs me around $150 per site to do this, but once you start pumping out sites you can get enough cash flow to hire a team of people to do the monotonous stuff so you can focus on finding good niches and setting your team after the term.

If anyone has questions I'd be happy to answer them.
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    How long have you tested your methods out?

    Are your results pretty consistent with these methods of a period of 3-6 months time? Because ranking can be up one day and gone another if you're not following the right principles of white hat seo. A lot of people see rankings, get excited and POST it here. Then come to find out, they didn't do something right with their SEO and got thrown back to page 3 million... What can you say about your methods?

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      Yes I've had consistent results so far. I've gotten and held on to rankings on the first page for more than a couple of terms. I started out with adult sites and have moved on to the vitamins and handbag niches.

      I don't really know why people have such an affection for "whitehat", I've done what people here would think stupid but it works out. Xrumer works wonders and I have sites years old now that have their foundation in tens of thousands of profile links.

      Blog comment links are a big step above (mainly because they get indexed at a much better rate and you can get high pr pages as well). People are too pansy and are too afraid to do anything that might harm their site, this itself makes sure their site isn't competitive on the serps.

      The golden rule to remember is "can this be easily used to hurt competitors? Yes? Then there is likely little or no penalty in it".
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    Try something else. Read more about SEO and search engines, about backlinks strategies and others.
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      No, reading is useless after a point, this is how beginners get screwed over. Gurus keep peddling their crap and giving advice on "reading". Once you know the basics, all it is is testing again and again and start trying everything, even stuff people say not to do.

      The truth is the vast majority of SEOs you'll find, including here, just fill the echo chamber.
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    Try to get some links by way of 3 way link exchange.

    Guest post links are effective when they are contextual and natural!!

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