What is the best way to make money with Adwords?

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Hello to anyone reading this, I'm not much for introductions. This being my first post, I thought I would ask the first question I have (which is in the title of the post).

I have gone through well over $100 in free Adwords credits (thanks google) and I have not made a single cent. I have tried sending traffic to blogs and websites I have created that promote affiliate commision based products for Clickbank and Amazon.

When that didn't work I tried direct linking to Clickbank products which depleted my funding even more quickly, even for low competition keywords. I've read a few ebooks on Adwords. Now with very little money left to advertise with I'm wondering if anyone here has any advice or suggestions. :confused:
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    Welcome to the forum. Not meant to be facetious, but you should perhaps first learn to make money without Adwords. What I mean by that is test your conversion funnel with less expensive methods. Solo ads come to mind, but that also requires testing. Once you have a system in place with acceptable conversion, then scale it up possibly by using Adwords. At best, it appears that continuing to use Adwords may not be wise right now.
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    You can create Clickbank,CPA landing pages and promote with PPC , I guess that's the best ways to actually earn with PPC ,Unless you are willing to drive traffic to your business with PPC
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    Start with phrAse match and exact match buying keywords and resist the urge to target broad non-buying keywords. You will get less traffic but conversions should be much higher.
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    Forget Adwords. Make comments on forums that have high traffic for your keyword or related to your clickbank product. Use your clickbank affiliate link as your signature to your comments. If you make good comments people will like what you have to say and click on your link once in a while. It will not cost you a dime.
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      Perhaps you should check these things out:May be you have problem with the links. Check them all. or Do you bid too low? :confused:

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