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Hi there,

I'm very new to whole IM field and have been studying some paid resources on SEO for the past few weeks.

I have a particular interest in trading Forex so I decided to promote a product that I really like and for the last few weeks I have been learning and trialling.

So far, this is my site:

Black Dog Forex «

As you can see, I really enjoyed the product so I wrote a long quality review of it, hoping my detailed analysis can allow people to judge the product authentically, and buy it.

For SEOing. I've submitted an article onto ezine - awaiting approval. Should I be submitting more to ezine?

I'm also using article blueprint from steve and tim which submits like 10 articles daily for me.

on top of that, I'm using blog blueprint which submits some content and an anchor text to some PR blogs.

now I'm also trailing BuildMyRank. they have 15 days free which I can get some links up, will see if I want to continue.

as with comments on dofollow blogs, haven't had much luck with high PR sites - quite difficult to get comments on higher PR blogs. some reason they dont get published and it's eating up a lot of time which i think does not necessarily pay off. correct me?

I'm absolutely sure there heaps more for me to do. I need a direction check, am I going in the right direction?
what can improve me stance on google? how can I effectively improve SEO? what backlink methods should I also be using? any other tools which can help?

thanks guys, I'm learning heaps from this forum and hopefully one day I'll contribute back with my experience and wisdom.

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    Aaron looking at other threads, Ezine articles are not the way to go (I think they are now no follow). I'm also a noobie just made my first site and now struggling with backlinking. I've not used any paid for any submition, should I and would that speed up back linking? I would love to hear other peoples stratergies (or is that a secret?).
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    Blog commenting is often hit or miss as you usually have to spend lots of time writing comments that 80% of the time will get marked as spam if you put anything that looks like a self serving link in the website box or body of the comment.

    One of the most successful strategies that works for me time and time again is forum posting. Although it takes time and effort, most of the forum posts that I create are permanent and because I am building my reputation in the forums at the same time I end up with a steady amount of traffic that drip feeds my website.

    You need to look for high pr forums in your niche and instead of jumping straight in there with signature links, post a few signature free posts in the forum to let people know that you are there to stay and then when you do start inserting links and signatures into your posts moderators will be less likely to mark your posts as spam.
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      Hi Aron,

      I like the idea of your blog/website. Doing legit reviews of Forex products definitely seems like a helpful service. I also like all the photos you've added.

      Honestly, it's sounds like you're already doing a solid job article marketing with the programs you've purchased. Article marketing isn't going to get you to the top positions in Forex, however, I think it's a great way to start building authority for your website and getting the search-engine crawlers to come to the website.

      Anyway, I'd recommend not worrying quite as much about SEO at this point. I'd focus on a few things like doing more reviews of products, and writing about your experiences with Forex. Creating these additional pages of content will also help you capture additional search-engine traffic.

      In addition, I would also think about starting an email list and providing a free bonus for joining. Typical internet marketing stuff but it works.

      Good luck on building up the website.
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