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Hello WF people,
I recently found your forum, read a bit and finally decided to act... so this is my first post here and I'm in SEO/Online Marketing for just couple of weeks.

So, I found my niche but I have couple of unknowns.
1. for my main keyword is it better to use 2 or 3 word keyphrase?
Example: or
Google Kw. Tool says:
black ferrari - 2900/1300 exact (Global/Local USA); CPC: 1,50$;
Google search: "black ferrari" - 69 000; intitle + inurl:12 900

black ferrari cars - 390/140 exact (Global/Local USA); CPC: 1,55$
Google search: "black ferrari cars" - 94 000; intitle + inurl:2 500

Also there is already (the 3 keyphrase of my kw) that appears on google first page at number 8, but it is a Clickbump simple page with only 15 BL, so not big competition.

But my question is... It's obvious that the more searched keyphrase is the 2 word one, but the 3 word keyphrase also can rank for broad search like: ferraricars and blackcars, though the 2 word can't.
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    I expected at least somebody to help... you should encourage beginners more, because before the "successful stories" there is beginning.

    Sorry if the example with the ferrari seams too stupid, but it's just an example, not my real keyword
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      I would go the 2 word keyword if available.
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    I would also go with the 2 keyword phrase, you will still attract many other long tail keywords if you optimize correctly and add some good content. That the beauty of SEO, writer naturally and throw a few variations of your keywords in your posts.
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    Thank you guys for your replies.

    I'm a bit shocked... when type in google both my 2 phrase keyword or the 3 phrase keyword... (etc black ferrari cars or just black ferrari) in brackets or not, the first place is occupied by a website with my 3 phrase keyword... as I mentioned this website is a landing Clickbump page, domain is registered 5 months ago, has 15 back links from a Article wheel (several articles even not spun, published in crappy websites with PR0,1,2) .

    I also use Clickbump, so does it really make sense to compete in this niche... even if I beat him (as it's too much possible), there will be on first page of Google, two almost the same websites in same niche...

    Should I enter the battle or to find other niche?
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      Yo Todor,

      By the way...

      1. I'd NEVER post your potential keywords/domains on these forums since 1000's of other internet marketers may swipe your keywords if the opportunity is good.

      2. I wouldn't go with either black ferrari cars or ferrari cars since "ferrari" is trademarked... so 2 months, 6 months or 1 year from now you'll get an email stating that you can no longer run the website.


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    I mostly don't look at CPC if I'm going to sell a product... I'd just look at the traffic and the competition.

    Choose the High traffic, Low Competition. Keyword
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