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I am a newbie in this field. I was looking at some keywords in google and yahoo. I noticed that in google there was zero or little advertising for those words, while in yahoo there were dozens of advertisements on right side and top and bottom of the results.

Now I have read somewhere that results of google should be the deciding factor.

Can anyone advice which search engine should i consider?

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    The number of results that you see depends in part on the keyword/niche. Google does not allow some niches, buy Yahoo! might allow them. (I've never used Yahoo! for PPC so I really can't compare the two in that regard.)

    If the niche is allowed, there could be multiple reasons for your not seeing any ads in Google:

    • The keyword just isn't profitable (you'll see no ads for a lot of "academic" topics, for example)
    • The keyword is "untapped" -- you might be the only one who thought about bidding on it.
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      i think you should go with google. yahoo dont have much publisher as Good . May be the the niche is not much profitable that someone bid high for that niche .

      yahoo dont have much monthly impression in comparison of google thats why they show ads
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    Always use google. Google is the most powerful search engine on the planet. Actually, Bing is now in number two spot behind google. Yesterday the yahoo serach engine dropped to third place.

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