Using content from a website whit google penalty Yes or No

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Hi i,am a newbie and need some advice :confused:

I have a website that got a google penalty.

Is it smart to use the unique content from that penalty site.For a new website. Yes or No ???

Sorry for my bad English writing.
Greetings Kris Netherlands
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    how did it get the penalty in the first place? but going back to the question, why not make unique articles instead of using the articles in the penalized site?? I mean it wont benefit your new site in the long run as it could be flagged for dupe content
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    It is better to write unique content for each website because it may be possible that your site got penalized because of the duplicate content and if you use the same one then your new site may also get penalized.
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    It is advisable to always use fresh and unique content for your websites that will help for getting high traffic and PR values
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      Forget what the above posters said about duplicate content. There is no duplicate content penalty for using an article from another site.

      Duplicate content only comes into play when you use the same content on the same site over and over again.
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    Yes as my all friends have mentioned you should use fresh and unique article for new website.Don't try to do same mistakes again otherwise result would be not in your favor.
    Gud Luck!
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      The best thing you can do on a new site is to write quality content, original and written by yourself, if you want a heavy traffic of visitors and improve your PR. Do not fall into the trap of copying and pasting.
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    Traffic is only one which have no alternative for the success of any kind of IM. And duplicate content never give this valuable traffic. Use unique and good quality content for your site whether it is new or not.
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    Just use fresh content if you don't want to get penalized by Google for the second time.

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