How Can I Tell if it's No Follow?

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I have been working hard to become known as an authority in my website's field. I answer questions on Yahoo! Answers, I comment on related blogs (with my link), etc. So how can I tell if something is a do follow or no follow? And just to make sure I understand the difference, a no follow suggests to crawl bots that they shouldn't count your link, whereas do follows indicate the bot should crawl the links on their page. Is that right? If so, what's the benefit of no follows?

I make sure any comments I make on blogs are pertinent to the article and/or other comments and I follow up if anyone responds to me. I'm really not interested in backlinks for the sake of backlinks and sticking to related sites is important, I think.

Anyway, thanks for your help.
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    yes, do follow instructs the crawler to follow the link and no follow does the opposite
    now a days most of the sites only give no follow and its hard to find do follow
    both do follow and no follow are important because a backlink is a backlink and sometimes its good to have a combination of both... to check whether a site offers do follow or its no follow you need to check the source code of the page where you left your link
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    Firefox has a plugin that you can use Firefox Do-Follow plugin

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    You can download add ons from Google to determine no follow links.

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