Thoughts on linking to external sites where you have backlinks

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Is there any value in adding a link to your site to external sites where you have created backlinks?

For example, if I have a do follow backlink on a forum profile page, and then on my blog side bar I could add a section for these links (kind of like having links to your Twitter / FB / etc proflie).

Another example would be if you setup a Squidoo or Hubpage with unique content that links back to your site, but also added a link to that Squidoo lens or Hubpage in a article as a reference.

My thought was that it would help strengthen the relevance between the sites and boost the backlinks.

Your thoughts?
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    no responses yet? Figured there would be a lot of opinions on this one.
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      Basically a link wheel, Creating pages which you then link to from other sources to boost those pages authority/PR and in turn because of those pages linking to your own site making it look like your sites an authority figure in its niche.

      Yup has been being done for quite some time now Does it add value ? Depends how complex you go , how you do it and what kind of quality you are looking at , if you do everything the cheap and nasty way id imagine not alot but might show some short term gain , but if you do it properly with everything being extremely high quality then you can hugely benefit from it.
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    One-way links are more valuable than two-way. So if site1 links to site2, site2 gets a lot of benefit. If site1 links to site2 AND site2 links to site1, they both get a small amount of benefit. So no, I don't suggest linking to your backlinks (unless they won't post the backlinks unless you link back).
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