Some help on long tail keywords Please

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I want to register a specific keyword domain but before I do need some advice.

For the keyword when I do a search I get 4400 monthly searches using google keyword tool.

This is when I use word1 word2 word3

But when I use word1word2word3 it shows no result

Now what I want to know is is it better to use or

Any advice much appreciated

I need to know as well as I just checked. I can get the domain with same keywords minus the middle word but as but with 14500 monthly searches. Which would be the better option

1) The domain with 14500 exact searches (global)
2) The with 4400 exact searches (global)
3) The domain
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    don't get frustrated....

    go for if it is available,

    and put the long tail keyword at your meta title as word1 word2 word3

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    Yup, i agree with you sonic. Thats what I do too and it always work for me. You must try to avoid the words that are not indexed by Google such as "is", "it", "am"
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      Yes definitely try to go for.., Google sees that first. Plus put word 1, word 2, and word 3 somewhere in your content on your website including your meta tags.
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    Beware that the Google Keyword Tool gives data that includes broad matched keywords. That means the number you are looking at includes searches for word1 word3 word2 and also for word1 word2 synonymword3. (There is an addon for Firefox called Google Semantics which will show you the words that are synonyms for word3 and are included in the count).

    To counter the problems explained above, use the exact match setting in Market Samurai. This will show you results for the specific word order and also eliminate synonyms.

    Anyone have an opinion of the viability of exact match domains moving forward. Matt Cutts put out a video last week or so saying these were being hit hard wit the recent algorithm changes. I've got about 30 exact match domains that I was going to let die a slow death.
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    Try to find a keyword or keyphrase that covers all your categories on your site. This way your permalinks will all be related to the categories and post titles.

    For example:

    If you want a blog about twitter apps then finding a domain with twitter in it is perfect, it doesn't need to be

    4,000-14,000 searches a month is far to small for total hits

    You need to find a domain that will potentially get millions as getting top 3 on Google is very hard and its the top 3 that get over 80% of the traffic

    As long as the domain is highly relevant to the overall topic of your site then all you need to do is choose related categories and post/page titles, with relevant content of course

    No.1 gets 35-55%

    Page 3 is the same as page 3,000

    P.S. Hiphens are fine for search engines, its people that don't like them so consider this when thinking about brand building as well
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