130,000 exact match url .info - any thoughts on traffic/monetizing?

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I just registered a 130,000 searches exact match url as a .info (never worked with a .info so we'll see how it goes). The .com and .org versions are not being used, just up for sale so competition doesn't look too bad. It is a 2 word term.

Has anyone worked with an exact match url with so many searches? Any guidance on what to expect for traffic if I can get to the 1st page Google?

Not a lot of affiliate products available, but Adsense might pay - avg CPC for the 2 word phrase is about $1.80 but I forget the % paid to the site owner...
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    Getting the #1 slot will supposedly get you 1/3 of all the searches, so if you can make it to #1 you would get about 43,000 uniques per month. This is just an educated guess but based on my experience in being a little lower on page 1, just being on page 1 will probably get you about 15,000 uniques per month.

    If you put up an authority site with good content, and the keyword term is for something where people really are looking for information, and you provide better content than the sites above yours, then you can get all the bounce traffic off the higher ranking sites when they return to Google still looking. This would add to the total.

    Assuming you go with Adsense, and your CTR is 3%, with 15k uniques and, say 40k pageloads per month, you would be looking at 1200 clicks per month. If the keywords draw dollar a click traffic, then the potential income would be $1200 per month.
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      Thanks for that quick math
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