Page 1 One day, Page 2 the next...

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Three days ago I was at the bottom of page 2, yesterday I was in the middle of Page 1, and Now I'm in the middle of page 2..

Why is my website bouncing around so much lately? Am I doing something wrong?
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    A lot of the time the search results that are returned on your computer are due to user preferences. Therefore, they are not accurate. This may have happened to you if your previous searches were saved in the cookies of your browser.

    However, I have also seen such fluctuations for a website which has been recently been cached by the search engines. Bigger fluctuations ofter happen for newly ranking websites.

    Nonetheless, in order to be sure that you are receiving accurate rankings, I suggest that you utilize one of the following search tools:

    1. seoserp (dot) com

    2. rankingcheck (dot) com

    Hopefully this helps clear some things up.

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