What links are good for you?

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Hi all,
Every one knows that back links bring status to your site. That idea is as old as Google earth! As for I have been building links here and there, left, right and centre. But the trouble is, not many links are counted by SEs. It says depend on site and page title and status, external link....But it is all wrong!
Any one have a fair idea how to score the valueable links?
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    tell me sir. how many back link you need?
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      Hi - How have you been creating your links?

      What sources are you using?

      Are you varying your anchor text ?

      is your onsite optimisation done well?

      All of these factors are very important - Wen your talking about link building then its important to show that you are gaining links from all types of sources - so social media sites - bookmarks - forum signature links - forum profile links - article marketing - web 2.0 account properties - Software submission - media marketing - image marketing etc

      You do these then this will get you different c class backlinks from high authority sources - you will also need to vary your anchor text and use synonyms related to your keywords -

      If you find that your links are not beng indexed then you could ping them - or mash them all up in a rss feed and submit the feed -

      But just remember that the backlink checker tools are never accurate - so do what you can by getting them indexed however keep an eye on SERP movement

      hope this helps


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      I always try to find good pagerank 5,6,7 websites that I can get a backlink from. My websites are always rank well when am finished with that

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    its not so that. i make link only on relevant, quality and Google cached page.
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    quality over quantity. Get links from related topic.
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    edu/gov links are GREAT. Like above poster said - quality over quantity in most cases.
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