Delicious - A nofollow site.

by imava12 3 replies
When I try to bookmark some few stuffs this day, I found out that Delicious is a nofollow link site. I use Search Status to check if the site is nofollow and unexpectedly to found this. See the photo below

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    delicious has joined the other sites that have been run into
    the ground and are no longer worth anything. But then,
    yahoo has done very little right over the past few years.
    These sites are really so 2007 anyway.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Most bookmarking sites today are nofollow or has a redirect link. The redirect is much worthless. You thought you had a dofollow link
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      Yeah, it's kinda regrattable for such a PR 7 site to be a nofollow one.
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