Should I add blog as subsite or subfolder

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I want to create a blog to compliment my site and I was wondering if adding it as a subsite (ie blog.mywebsite) will benefit my root domain (in SEO terms) the same way it would as adding the blog as a standard subfolder (ie mywebsite/blog)

I like the idea of a subsite as I can install a completely new theme for my blog with it's own navigation and look but i'd also like the backlinks to benefit my root domain. I've read conflicting info regarding the effect a subsites backlinks will have on the root domain. Some say google regards a subsite as an entirely new domain and some say not.

Any experience on this would be much appreciated!
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    In my opinion it doesn't matter if you put the blog in a subfolder or on a subdomain. I generally use subfolders as

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      I prefer the sub folder option. The blog in a sub folder can still have it's own theme etc. The search engines don't treat them any differently IMO.
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    Subdomains act as their own domain. Folders act as an extension of your site. So if you're looking to incorporate a blog related to your site I'd suggest a folder.
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