Google's Algo Change and Duplicate articles (sort of)

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I run a pretty popular finance site and 90% of the content comes from other sites.
The information is valuable and people love what we publish (I publish what our visitors want to see not google.)

At present Google is sending about 30% of our traffic which is a nice chunk and i really don't want to lose much of this.

My question is - with these articles - if we change the title and write a unique 100 - 150 word intro for each article would that be considered unique or is it still likely to be penalised?

If this is okay then it's something i will start doing - the problem is there is so much conflicting info flying around out there.

Thanks for any advice.
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    It would depend on the legth of the article. If the original article was 300-400 words then 100-150 word intro with a title change would be enough. But if you are going to do that much work anyway why not just give it a quick rewrite? That way you would have an article that was completly unique and it would take you about the same amount of time.

    Hope that helps,
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