Interesting ways to make $5 a day online!

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Hey guys,

I just came up across this site called Fiverr
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    This site has been around for quite a while now. And although I've never tried selling a service on there I'm sure it would be more profitable to use some of those services rather than try and sell stuff. I do like your thinking with the affiliate link plug though
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    I think it is good creative thinking on your part.

    I am not a guru, nor do I pretend to be one. I am here to learn and to share my experience. Everything that I say, I say from my heart.
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    Most people would have hosting already so doubt you would get many affiliate sales from that... if they are wanting you to setup wordpress, they already have hosting.

    THe best way to make money with fiver is to sell or give something that can be delivered digitally, or even a download link to download it. They let you type a message that shows to people right after they buy the stuff, so think what you can sell that doesn't actually involve any work on your part.

    Plus, you only make $4 for each gig, so remember that too.

    Originally Posted by JR9982 View Post

    Hey guys,

    I just came up across this site called Fiverr

    Basicalli people offer to do things for $5, like mention your website on their facebook account, get you links, and other non internet marketing stuff.

    I was thinking of easy ways of making money on this and I thought about making a webpage, or setting up wordpress for them...

    but you must be asking yourself "that is a lot of work for just $5", and well yes it is... but, I will only do it if they click on my affiliate link when they buy their hosting service and I can add a dofollow link on their site...

    That way I make $80 my hosting affiliate, and get backlinks to my money site.

    It still might be a lot of work for just $85... it just depends.

    Honestly I probably won't try this since at the moment I have things that are making me more money, but my juices started flowing when I found out about this and wanted to see if any of you had any other ideas of making money of off this.

    Also this site can be good if you need some facebook fans or a video review or 2. with 20 bucks you can get your self some nice video reviews.

    let me know what you guys think!
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      oh, and i forgot to mention another good technique...

      its a great lead generation tool so try to target your market with something of good value that they would be willing to pay 5 bucks for, and then think of it like you are getting paid $4 for every lead you get... so if you do it right, you could require them to fill an email form in order for you to deliver their product or service, and then market to them after that as well.
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    You make $5 - $1 fiverr fees minus paypal fees, and then you wait 2 weeks til you get whatever pennies you made. Its good for buying, but bad for selling, except you offer some gigs which take you only a minute or so to do.
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