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Hi Warriors,

I'm about to start a plan that I've been putting together from lots of things I've picked up from products, video's, WSO's and the threads in this very forum.

However, I'm just a little stuck on what keyword research. All it is, is that when searching for keywords to use on my articles, web 2.0 and blog, what should I aim for as a minimum search result for exact match? Should I be targeting exact results or not? What's best for this when I'm using the articles to drive traffic to my blog? Broad or Exact? And again, more importantly for me, could anyone please recommend a minimum monthly search rate on Exact?

Thanks in advance Warriors!

Jamie D
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    It's hard to say what a good bare minimum is because it depends on a few things.

    Competition - If you could write and article and get a 100 visits a month with minimal backlinks because it's SO low in competition, it would be ideal to have content on your site even if it only gets a few hundred exact match.

    Profit per visitor - If you are getting quite a bit per visitor, then even an extra 30 visits a month could be worth your time meaning that very low "exact minimums" would be ideal for you for just creating one piece of content.
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    yea dude, ONLY target exact when you are first starting out.. it is the only number that you can really rely on

    further, i will tell ya that Adwords just removed the search trends, which was a widely ignored feature, but now its gone, UNLESS you download the .csv files

    now what i do is put in a formula =quotient(sum(I2;J2;K2;L2;M2;N2;O2;P2;Q2;R2;S2;T2) ;12) to get you the average searches across the whole twelve months

    name the U column AVGsearches

    then do a sort

    avg searches>decending

    you should download openoffice, that way you can copy that formula into your .csv files(excel is different)

    PLUS openoffice is the **** man

    Yea dude, you know where im at if you need any help, shoot me a pm if youd rather buy the keywords too, or need any help,
    Tyler Abernethy
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