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Hi all, I have what I (and many others ) agree is a great sales page and copy, kickass web 3.0 design, and strong product with alot of value.

NOW, i just need the traffic.

what is the best SEO program for me to get (wso) that I can actually use to work on my SEO. I need something user friendly. I am pretty savvy around the net and tech, however, it can't be too involved and coding, etc.

Please pm me or post here what you think the best possible program is, user friendly for newbie first priority, price second priority. (trying to stay under $60 or so).

thanks yall!

my website is my user name.


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    I'd probably get SENuke although that goes way over your budget! You do get what you pay for really.
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      i got the 7 day trial for SENuke. its pretty complicated, well maybe not that hard, but it will take time for me to learn it and use it. I just dont have that, Im focusing on our RE business right now. I need to hire and manage someone to do it for me.
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    There's many tutorials out there to learn SENuke, they are bringing out a new version this month at some point, SENuke does everything you need apart from Content Creation.
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    If you want something whitehat, I would say go with BuildMyRank. You can outsource the posts (150 words each) at $2 per post. Do about 20 posts a day and you will rank on the first page to medium to low competition keywords...erm...2 posts a day for brand new sites. My only concern about SEONuke is the footprint it leaves behind. Not to mention that it is blackhat and the links dont stay indexed. BuildMyRank makes sure the links stay indexed. Good for long term linkbuilding and SEO traffic. Only $59 per month...You can get ten free links when you sign up. From my own account, I can say that all links got indexed.

    Hope that helps...
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    SEnuke is best OR evo2 is more automated and good ... but it crash a times
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      Try SEO Spy Glass or SEO Nuke. Both are good and helpful.

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    +1 for SENuke, it works wonders....and in regards to getting what you paid for, that is another very true statement in my experience..
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    GO for SENUKE but remember it is just a tool. Also many people who truly use SENUKE and master it uses it in conjunction with other tools.

    I use SENUKE, Scrapebox, AMR, and my own High PR Blog Network on top of hiring copywriting service for my niche sites. I dont submit to low quality Blog Networks as the value of link juice they give (PR 0) is none.

    My advice, invest, earn and re-invest. That's the only way you can create an avalanche of traffic for your websites.
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    Try using LinkJuicer.. they have 1 month free trial
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    Are you using Wordpress? If so, there are many great guides, WSO's and plugins which can create extremely target traffic. You are welcome to send me a pm if you need help with Wordpress
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    SEnuke is the best, if you can master the skill of using it
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