Guidelines For Writing The Perfect Content

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Straight from the horses mouth.

Best Practices: Writing Good Knols - a knol by Knol Help#
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    thank you for posting, I will enjoy reading this!
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      Under the 'don't' section of the link in the OP is:

      "Post advertisements

      Teasers and sales pitches may work on the back of a book when readers can preview the content, but a Knol without real information will only frustrate readers and hurt an author's reputation. Make sure your knols include substantive content in order to build your reputation and encourage readers to come back for more."

      This is where Ezine Articles went wrong.
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    As of my concern "CONTENT IS KING IN SEO"
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    Content is the most required thing for any website to create a reputed image online and above mentioned information is really useful to create unique content.
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      I think people are mixed up here. Those are not content
      writing guidelines. They are not from google.

      They are guidelines that contributors to knol came up
      with when writing a knol.

      A different animal than normal website articles and content.

      The knol community is an open system. Like wikipedia.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    your guidelines about writing the perfect content are really helpful thanks for sharing these helpful guidelines
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