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Hey everyone. I have been lurking for a long time. I've learned a lot of great stuff and appreciate everything every one has provided! I have bought a few WSOs, particularly the special report on finding free high quality back links including .EDUs, I forget that persons name. So thanks a lot for everything you guys have taught me.

I have not been able to find answers to this question on the forum and was looking for some advice.

I run a small computer repair business in the Washington, DC area. I am thinking about using google ad words. My average ticket price is about $200, and that is conservative. It's often a lot higher. We won't debate whether or not the prices are fair, though, because that is all relative.

My goal is to get at least 1 new customer every day using ad words. I want to at least double my investment, so that means a max budget of $100 (I won't worry about net/gross right now).

I am thinking about using an ad targeted to the washington DC and baltimore metro regions. I am thinking it should be targeted towards computer repair and laptop repair searches. I want it to go to a landing page that has some testimonials (two or three text, maybe one video) and a form that they start filling out that starts the process of scheduling a free onsite diagnostic.

What are your thoughts? Does this sound feasible to all of you? Do you think that I could generate at least one or two contacts per day with this method? I need to get the phone ringing, because I am not getting new clients fast enough with networking and word of mouth.

I appreciate everyone's help and thanks so much for running such an awesome community here on warriorforum!
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    Well, it is possible but Google Adwords can make you poor fast.

    I suggest that you start with a lower daily budget.

    Play around with 5 or 10 bucks a day.

    There are many good WSOs on Adwords and things in the War Room too.

    Aside from that your idea with the landing page is good. Definitely put up a video. You might have to add additional pages (articles) in order to get a good quality score.

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      I probably could have explained better.

      Here's an update:

      I set up a budget of $100 a day. I provide computer repair services in the Washington DC area. On the first day, using the $75 free credit, I scheduled an appointment. But it took almost all $75 to get there. The next day I ran out of budget in the morning, so I turned it back on in the evening. I scheduled two more jobs that day. The next day with a budget of $200 I got two calls, spent half the budget and didn't make any money from either of those.

      For a total investment of $360 (assuming the $75 credit was my cash and not free) I have added two paying customers to my client roster and have made my money back.

      The kicker, though, is that over 2 and a half days I received 42 clicks. If I could increase that conversion I would be doing great.
      So while I don't have enough information to get a definite idea of the kind and quality of clicks I'm getting, I can say that if you are looking for "Computer Repair" you are in need of this service, so if the landing page hooks you in you are going to contact me.

      Here is the landing page:

      Of course you are all going to tell me to finish the site, it's not optimized, etc. I know. I am working on it. The adwords is to help generate momentum.

      So what are your tips specifically on optimizing the landing page to increase my conversions (inbound requests for service).

      Thanks everyone, what a great place!
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    i understand that the main goal aka conversion for you is to get a phone call , am i right ?
    in that case i would change the location of your phone number , at the moment it blends too much with your nav bar - i would try to place it in a more center area with a different color that will draw the surfers look

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    It's definitely working. On the days when I (or my wife)are in front of the computer to chat with people as they land on the page I get as much as 500% ROI. On days when no one is there it is as low as 0%!

    I have moved into Bing, now. The strange thing is with almost the same number of impressions in one day (500 on bing, 600 on google) I had no clicks on bing and 11 on google.

    Anyone have any idea why such drastically different results between the two?
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  • I truly believe that Adwords is perfect for small businesses, and that in fact they prefer you to use it for this kind of site rather than an affiliate site just linking people to someone else's product. As was mentioned above though, it can make you poor very quickly.

    So first of all, hunt around for a guide on how to use it, but also make sure you set your region to the radius that your customers would come from, and create a new campaign for EACH keyword. The for that advert, make sure the keyword is in the title, and description. This will catch the users eye.

    Lastly, have your daily budget set pretty low to start until you find your feet.
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    Google AdWords increases the popularity and search-ability of your local business. With proper use and implementation,you can attract your target market,increase your local presence online, and steadily build your internet credibility and exposure. You can get the highest volumes of traffic at the least possible costs when you know the ins and outs in launching your AdWords campaign.
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    I realize this is an old thread, but noticed that his website is completely gone. Not just the landing page for adwords, the whole website... Must have not worked out in the end.
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    For small businesses who are targeting niche market i ever suggest to go for local SEO by submitting your physical address in google places and also add map in your profile because google prefer it and also choose keywords related to your geographical location. So, in this way you can get your potential customers easily from the targeted area. Because when people search for local services the search engine shows your link on first page of SERP.
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    If you would like to go with adwords, I suggest you to ask the Adwords Rep to create a campaign for you. It prevent you to loss money in trying to find suit ads campaign for your business.

    Also, you can learn directly from the expert
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