What are the good criteria in choosing a Keyword?

by Krowon
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Just want to know the tips and criteria in choosing the best keyword?
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    There is nothing called the best keyword. It is highly subjective. It will be good to keep it objective.

    It depends a lot on the niche you want to build your site in. It also boils down to the intent of the keyword. If it is a product, look for buyer keywords such as buy <your product name>, <your product name> review etc.

    If it is an information site where you want to provide useful info to users, then you are looking at people surfing in information gathering mode. So you would target your site accordingly.

    For example in Google Adwords keyword tool, Keywords that are medium in competition and have a decent number of searches per month is a good starting point.

    Once you have found a good seed keyword in your niche, use Google Wonder Wheel and dig deep further to locate other related keywords. Long tail keywords that are three phrases or more are ideal to target as it is easier to rank in the search engines than the hot two phrase keywords.

    It also depends on how well your site is optimized for search engines for on page and off page factors.

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    1. Low competition
    2. High search volume
    3. High Commercial Indent

    That's it!
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    Always us google adwords if you will try to find the best result reports for a particular searches of keywords on google. If you are new so first choose out less competitive keywords because it give you better response in just few months.
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    Find your favorite niche, then look for the monthly number of searches and competition.
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    Use rich keywords that are related to your product or services being offered. Just focus on the niche you are trying to build.
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    minimum, IMO is:
    1111 exact searches per month
    .7$ CPC...
    low competition...

    that is just a ball park...

    optimal minimum is...
    something like... 5-6000 exact local searches /month... 2 dollar CPC....
    low compeition....


    40-60,000 searches per month... local, exact...
    2-4 dollar CPC...
    low competition...
    hard or impossible to find.... if you aren't expert... or even then impossible. not sure. lololol

    good luck, sir or ma'am...
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    You can start with the lower fruit hanging keywords mentioned in the methods above and then build your site up to the point where it naturally starts ranking for the more competitive keywords. Start low and build towards the good ones.
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    You have to choose your site related keyword. Another thing is you can also find a good keyword by google keyword finder. Please go there now and find you best keyword for your site.
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    High Density keywords with Low Competition is the main criteria for choosing keyword.
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    Its something, That is you can say, A subject of probability. Its all about the relevancy of your keyword with respect to your target customers, that may select to find you online.
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    There is one criteria which is WAY more important that "competing sites" or "competing sites with phrase in title".

    It is SEARCH VOLUME, to be exact: SEOT (which is an assumption of possible clicks if the keyword/site ranks well)

    People are dabbling in micro niches with barely 1000 or so per month: NONSENSE.

    I need (bare minimum!!) 200 SEOT daily, which is about 500 searches daily. BARE MINIMUM.

    If you go for keywords with less you will simply not get traffic let alone sales, so its wasted time to focus on niches and keywords which cannot yield enough traffic.


    You also need to know:

    If your KW is ranked #1 (!) you will get approx. 40% of total clicks (40% of total search traffic), if you are "only" on position #2 its already way lower, like 25%, #3 is then only like 15% of all clicks.

    This should show you how important search volume is.
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    for me it is high search volume/low competition
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    also to find the competition I mean you must use the "allintitle:KW" function in google and go for under 1000 competing pages. and the keywords should each have over 1000 searches per month and be long tail i.e 3-5 words long. Easiest way to rank for newbies and start making some good money online, then of course scale =)
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    According to me,keywords research is very basic term in SEO.There are lots of ways to research keywords.You can use keywords tools like google adword keyword tool or wordtracker.You can also see keywords of that sites which are doing well on your theme.Also you can share your website theme with your friends and your family members and ask them to which kind of keywords they think for your website.So in this whole procedure you can choose best keywords for your website.
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    It is important to note that low competition should not mean the amount of sites competing for a keyword. But the strength of the top 10-20 ranking sites. It's much easier to rank against a million easy sites than 20 high pr sites with thousands of backlinks. Ranking means nothing if you're not on page 1. You can analyze your keyword phrase on traffic travis for free. It will show you the difficulty to rank based on the top 20 ranking sites.
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    To understand the niche is really important to create keywords for your website because keywords are the primary thing through which one can have a good online business.
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    Aside from volume, there are two very important criteria which are closely related to each other: Relevance and Conversion

    Marty Foley ~ Traffic and Conversion Mad Scientist
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    Marty, Good one! Not always about the numbers, spot on!
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      So between the two items of importance which is the keyword and the domain name is there one that will carry more weight as far as a site ranking?

      If doing a review or informative type of site is it a mistake to try and choose a long tail domain name?
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    Depending on the 1st page results,

    - low PRs (more low PR results, the better. PR3 and PR4 sites are dangerous)
    - low backlinks to top 10 results (generally, below 100 - 300 is considered weak - medium competition. It's really subjective.)

    Depending on keyword stats,

    - less than 100,000 competing sites (subjective again)
    - less than 10,000 intitle: competing sites (subjective again)

    That's pretty much it. Don't overcomplicate it.

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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