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by Molad
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I submitted my sitemap to Google webmaster 5 days ago and till now my site has yet to be indexed.

I used site: url to check on Google and only my privacy page came up but my main page and posts did not show up. I have consistenly been publishing new content once every two days.

I'm about to start my back linking campaign, but I'm not sure if it makes sense to link to an un-indexed page.

Any ideas on what to do...
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    Start backlinking now. Google won't index your site until you have links. You don't actually need to submit your site anywhere, as long as you build links to it.
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    If your privacy page is showing up, it's only a matter of a few days at the most until the rest show up. That means Google is crawling your site and you're in the process of being indexed, so don't worry.

    Originally Posted by Molad View Post

    I'm about to start my back linking campaign, but I'm not sure if it makes sense to link to an un-indexed page.

    Any ideas on what to do...
    Actually, this precisely how you will get indexed quicker, while building links to your site at the same time. Google follows links from other sites to yours, and if it's something they have not yet indexed, they will go ahead and index it. Be sure to build links to your inner pages as well, not just your homepage.

    EDIT: Building links is great, just don't syndicate your content elsewhere until Google has indexed it and credited you as the author.
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    Not sure why so many people have troubles getting their sites indexed the first time around. For when ever I buy a new domain it is always indexed that day. That is even far before I get any content on the site and or even get my platform installed weather it be wp or joomla but either way the site gets indexed a few hours after registering it.

    My advise to you is to check your robots text file and make sure it is not blocking anything on your site other then what you want it to block. Also go hit it with a digg and it should get indexed a few hours later.

    But as far as building backlinks go on an unindexed site. How could it hurt your site to build backlinks to it just because it is not indexed. You really should have already been building backlinks to your site. There is no need to site there and wait for the big g to index it. There are other search engines out there and if none of them know you even exist then how can they find you in the first place.

    Best of luck to you and your site.
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    google indexes sites by the number of backlinks that it has. It jumps from site to site through links and analyzes where each link goes. you will be indexed soon.

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    Thanks everyone for the clarification.

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    Digg + Send url to after that ping urls from these two sites on pingomatic...

    I'll be indexed soon...some of my posts indexed in few minutes using above tactic...

    Love the Humanity...:)

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    Start backlinking, after you got some backlinks you will get indexed
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    yeah just backlinking it and you will got indexed soon
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    do social bookmarking. It is effective way in getting your site indexed.

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