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When setting up an adwords campaign if i want a specific keyword to show a specific ad from my ad group do i have to have it as its own campaign or is their a way to make sure that the keyword only shows a certain ad?
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    Hi captivereef,

    If you have only one active ad in your adgroup that will be the ad displayed. The best way to do this is to create a seperate adgroup that contains the ad text and keyword(s) that you want matched up.

    I usually create ad groups with only one keyword per adgroup. I will usually have one or two active ads per adgroup: my baseline contol ad, plus a test ad if I'm split testing.
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      Hi Captive,

      I agree with dburk. Also, if the specific keyword is more relevant to the ad you want to use than the others, a separate group might get you a better score and cost less per click. Providing the target page is relevant too, etc.

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    Alright so split my keyword list up and start new campaigns with new ads for each new keyword list.
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      Hi Captive,

      If I may, you prob know this stuff already and don't need this but while on the subject of PPC I'm glad you brought it up.

      I thought it would be nice to help out people new to it.

      Short version...

      Something I like to do is start with a keyword broad in it's own campaign and put a hittail on the landing page to find the keyword variations that trigger the ad. Then add more specific 2,3,and 4 word keyword phrases as I discover them thru the hittail because more specific keyword phrases from my experience usually cost so much less per click than a broad keyword.

      Eventually I put the winning keyword phrases in their own adgroup and make a new ad to increase relevancy to their own optimized landing page, blog post,etc(hint: need a lightening fast way to find topics for future SEO optimized blogs and articles without guessing?). After some time- organic listings can take over for the very specific keyword phrases and you may be able to dump the adgroup, etc. This is an awesome thing to see. I know for me I've spent many $thousands on CPC I didn't have to spend a few years ago to understand just the little bit I know now. Imagine what the big players know who spend $20k+ a month. I would really like to hear what others have discovered- short cuts, secrets, etc. Give it to us... haha

      I know there are some awesome tricks out there. Come on guys help us out.

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    right now i have a few ad groups with specific keywords and am onlyusing phrase and exact match, what is a hit tail?
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    i knew about releveancy, just a pain to do it! I will check out that video for sure!
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    So, my question would be if you're only putting ONE keyword per ad group, and with the myriad of keyword generator tools out there....
    couldn't you end up with hundreds of ad groups for each campaign,,not to mention all the split testing you're trying to accomplish in each ad group.
    To get down to brass tacks, if I'm promoting a weight loss info product, should I only expect to start with 3 or 4 keywords, which might lead to 4-6 ad groups, which would ultimately lead to 8-12 different ads (assmuming I'm split testing each one?)
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