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by xoon
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So I just bought 25 domains from someond. Dirt cheap so what the hell.

I'm thinking about building minisites (1-3 pages) on them (html) and link to my main website.
But I wonder if links from microsites like these have any value?
I don't really have time to create 25 x 100 pages with unique content (duplicate wouldn't be too good I guess)

What do you think?
Would link from 1 page website be much less valuable then the link on 100-page blog?
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    Well here is your problem, unless you have 20 separate IPs, it is going to be pretty useless to have those domains.

    You are better off building them out and having adsense on the site.
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    Separate IPs won't be a problem

    I don't want to be banned for putting Adsense on 1 page minisites (I'm not sure you can even rank rank single pagers, with all the talk about "quality" nowadays...)
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    That's the thing - can 1-page website be considered as "authority"? Does "trust rank" depends on number of pages?
    Microsite vs 100-page website (both have the same amount of inbound links) - would link from the second one be a lot stronger?
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      One page site can be an authority. Here's an explanation.

      As we all know, Google ranks pages, not sites. So in theory, it doesn't matter (all other things being equal) whether the page is on a site who has 100 pages or 3 pages. Now, here's another thing though.. Usually sites that have 100 pages, have internal linking, and their pages, subsequently, have more weight.

      The page on one-page-site still can have backlinks, and rank for a search in Google, making it authority.

      The point here is, that it doesn't matter how many pages the site has, it is important that it had some authority. Then a backlink from it will matter. And that is true for every page, doesn't matter how much pages does the site have.

      Now, whether I'd bother with 20 domains and different IPs.. I'm not sure. But since you already have them, it won't hurt at all.
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