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I was experimenting with a few of my sites and wondered, would I be penalized by Google or would it have any negative SEO implications if I was to use ASCII symbols (for instance the star symbol) in the title or description of the page? Infact, i'm not even sure it is an ASCII character, it might just be from the Webdings character set, but either way would this have an impact on SEO?

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    Ask yourself this "Will my target traffic search Google with a star symbol"?

    If not, then your wasting space for a relevant character/letter.
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    Using the symbols will not get you penalised, nor will it have a negative effect on your SEO title assuming that your keywords are still there or you do not need that character "for that max length title" .

    However its likely even though you put that symbol in it will eventually ( if not instantly ) be rewritten by google since googles stance on titles is designed to be clean and what the user is searching for. Lots of people have been complaining about googles new found toy of changing titles in serps :

    Google Changing Titles in Search Results, SEOs Not Happy #SEWatch
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