AdSense issue (or not?): the ad looks like just another part of my site!

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So here's the deal. I have one site where I sell a service, website proofreading, and on the bottom of the main page, I put in an AdSense box. This AdSense box never appears to change: it has been consistently on one banner ad for weeks now. That banner ad says "Instant Grammar Checker: try it now!"

I get a really high clickthrough rate on that banner, even though it's only at the bottom of one page. But recently someone offered to review my website, and I accepted.. and they reviewed that Instant Grammar Checker site instead! That's right, they clicked the AdSense ad on the front page and reviewed that. Apparently people think it is part of my site because the ad fits in with my layout.

What do you think, warriors? Should I take the ad down so people actually look harder at my services without clicking to another site? Or should I enjoy the (small but consistent) amount of AdSense income it brings?
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