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So, I was wondering what people might recommend on as far as what kind of offers convert will when you are using direct linking and don't know how to create your own landing pages (yet)?

If you don't want to reveal your vertical or whatever I understand that but maybe provide some insight on what your avg. cpc is when using direct linking methods through AdCenter and AdWords.

Any advice is appreciated.

I am trying direct linking but I am also trying to figure out how to get hosted what to use as a domain name and start creating my own landing pages. So any advice on this as well would be great


Rocko C
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    I had some good success on adcenter for cpa offers before it went drastically downhill and they're costs went up and conversions went down. So, unless you can find some real gold nuggets it's gone pretty poor in my experience and I no longer use them. I had some ridiculous billing experiences with them as well which made me laugh on a daily basis, before descending into rage at their incompetence.

    For any ppc traffic needs I use the more mid table ones like looksmart, 7search, pulse360. Adwords can also be a nightmare and it's best to advertise cheaply through their display network rather than the search network.
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      I have also heard about AdCenter going down hill. The experiences your describing is exactly what I am experiencing high cpc and low conversion. I have heard some not so good things from 7search, will have to look into it myself I guess.

      Thanks for the tip.
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    I recommend Adcenter for beginners. That landing page is a must though.
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    Adcenter would be good if I could actually signup, they're completely incompetent and I would not trust them with my money given that they cant even work out the counties of England. I was unable to enter my card details because according to their signup form West Yorkshire does not exist also the coupon they gave me expired within mins. What a joke they are and they do not deserve anyones money.
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    If you are actually looking to hit it through PPC, you can't skip Adwords. You must invest into it. All the second tier engines like 7search - will give you some clicks but are only good to scale up your profits. For making profits, you must use adwords. And don't try to do direct linking on adwords, they'll penalise you - one day - for sure. Create a landing page - if you are not good at it, use - and then run with it.Don't overkill yourself in designing the pages - focus on content and work on campaigns. That's the key.
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    thanks to everyone who has replied I haven't had a chance to sign on for a while and have since moved on to other sources of traffic.

    I will definitely have to start building a landing page but with close to no knowledge it will take some time. I have been working with facebook and have a campaign that might be close to turning profitable.
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