How To Change Which URL is Indexed in Google (www or non www)

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Hi All,

When I am building backlinks to a website I pay very close attention to which version of the url I am building backlinks to. I always tend to focus on the non-www format.

Recently, I backlinked a site up to a high position on the first page and then I was contacted by a person that wanted to buy the site. Well what they really wanted to do was to buy the domain and then build it out into a bigger site. So I sold them the domain.

Well when they rebuilt the site and put it into their webmaster tools, it was reindexed by Google as the www version. Due to the fact that the majority of the links are pointing at the non-www version the site has lost some of its ranking.

So far we have reupdated the webmaster tools, continued to build links to the site and also pinged the site using the non-www format to try and get it re-indexed using the correct version.

Does anyone have any other tips or tricks as to how to get this to happen quicker. It has been a few weeks already.

Thanks in advance for any tips!
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