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Hello Warriors!

I have been lurking here taking advantage of all the great information that is shared here, and I wanted to give something back. A client of mine create some software to track PPC spend, revenue and ROI.

We have an iPhone App that was approved and will go live on April 1st. An Android App is in the works, and a Magento extension is almost finished as well.

If you have PPC accounts with Google, Adcenter and Facebook, we will combine the data and deliver it to you on whichever of those platforms works best for you!

New customers generally gives out 30 free days, but because we need feedback on the functionality the first ten people who send me an email will get 90 days for free.

If you like the software after that we can probably give you a discounted price.

Send me an email, and I will help get you set up. Make sure to mention that you are a Warrior

Have a great day!

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