14 Simple Ways To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Site

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You know, it is impossible to make money if you don't drive massive traffic to your site. So I decided to talk about traffic generation strategies below. How can you increase website traffic to your site today?

Here are the massive traffic generation strategies and resources:

1. Article Distribution
Article marketing is an amazing way of getting traffic. You can benefit from article marketing in a different ways. You will get direct traffic from article directories, but your traffic will explode if ezine and website publishers publish your article on their ezines and websites.

Article marketing is a great way of getting backlinks to your site. You should add 2 or 3 links to the resource box of your articles. It is better to put at least 1 anchor link in resource box.

2. Social Networking
Social marketing is a new way of generating massive traffic. Digg, Stumble Upon and other sites are getting millions visitors each month, so you can use them to drive targeted traffic to your sites.

Social bookmarking sites are different from social news sites. In social bookmarking sites (like Delicious), you just bookmark sites, but social news sites give you a chance to network with other people. So social bookmarking sites will not bring you traffic, but they are good for getting backlinks.

You can get high traffic from social news sites because people see your site in social news sites and vote for it.

Tip: I highly recommend to read Authority Black Book to learn great social networking secrets to drive targeted traffic to your site from social news sites.

3. Submission to Directories
Submitting your site to website directories will benefit you with getting one way links to your site which will improve its search engine rankings. If you list your site on directories such as Yahoo and Dmoz, you can get direct traffic from them, too.

4. Review
There are a lot review sites on the net. You can open account with them and start reviewing the products related with your niche. When you do it, you should refer to your URL at the end. Most review sites will allow you to add your URL there.

Best place for reviewing is Amazon.com. Create a profile there and start making reviews as an expert.

5. Press Release Distribution
It is one of the most productive, but forgotten traffic strategy. You should write press releases that would be interested for the media. If journalists like your press release, you can get the media attention and drive tremendous traffic to your site at the same time.

Read Press Release Tips at Quality Online Press Releases - Writing Tips - PRWeb

6. RSS Feed
Having RSS Feed on your blog is very important. When a visitor sign ups to your feed, he (she) will get informed each time you write a new post and will return to your blog again.

You should also submit your feed to RSS Feed directories to get more people to sign up to your feeds.

If you haven't added feed to your blog yet, you can create one with http://FeedBurner.com.

7. CraigsList
Craig's List is the best classified ads site. Most ads on Craigslist are free. Some ads will cost you money, but it is less than you would pay to local newsletters.

8. Ebay
Ebay is a powerful system for finding customers for your products and services. You can also benefit from eBay adding your URL to your pages there and getting visitors and inbound links at the same time.

9. Audio (Podcasting)
This is relatively new type of marketing, but is going to extend in the near future. You can easily create audio on Audio Acrobat and submit to podcast directories. It will bring you good traffic.

10. Ezines
There are different ways of using ezines for getting massive traffic. You can contact an ezine owner to send your new product to his (her) list and share the profit. Also there are ezines that accept articles. You can send your articles them and get great exposure (articles will contain your links) to your site.

Buying ads on ezines can be very effective too, but you should choose the right ezine for it. Visit http://www.bestezines.com for a free list of ezines.

11. Forums
Online forums are very effective for getting traffic and building authority in your niche. You should join the forums which don't allow advertising.

Don't spam forums with advertising and hype. Give good answers to the questions and gain the respect as an expert in your niche. Don't forget to attach a sig file to all of your posts so members can visit your site.

12. Ebooks (freebie product)
Create your own ebook and then give it away for free. Ebook will contain your sites and programs in it which will bring you extra traffic.

13. Yahoo Groups
Find Yahoo Groups which are relevant to your niche, join and actively participiate there. When you post on Yahoo groups you should add your link to the signature.

14. Videos
Video marketing is going to be one of the most productive marketing tips in the future. It can take time to create videos, but it is worth of it. After you create the video, add it to YouTube and other video sharing sites. It will be great exposure for your website traffic.
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    Thank you very much.
    I think social network and forum are easier than other methods at the beginning.
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    most of the ways are what I am using now except Ebooks (freebie product), Videos, Yahoo Groups and CraigsList.
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      Is that affiliate link in your signature your product??
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        Originally Posted by scott g View Post

        Is that affiliate link in your signature your product??
        Lol, Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do when they come for you?
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    I like submitting my website to website directories but it takes forever to get approved. I've just started reading about RSS Feed and I still wondering if this method will actually drive traffic to my website.
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