What do you mean when you say you "outsource SEO"?

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Hi Warriors,

I know everyone has a different take on this, and not everyone may want to reveal their 'secrets', which is fine... but I would like to get some answers going to this question:

What specifically do you mean when you say you 'outsource' SEO?

Is it SEO-optimized content which you outsource? Is it social bookmarking, article marketing, blog commenting, contextual links, or what?

Do you outsource each different part to different workers with very specific instructions, or do you have people who you can tell "this is the website, SEO it", and they get it done?

For me, I've been getting more and more into outsourcing lately, and I'm finding that it can become a job in itself. It can also end up scattering your stuff all over the place if you're not careful and organized.

Also, I have tens of small niche websites, mostly in lower competition niches, which don't necessarily require the whole 9 yards of SEO. I may get to # 1 after only 4-7 yards, so it wouldn't be worth it for me to pay some of these SEO services upwards of $150/month/website where they restrict you to promoting one URL only.

So, what tips and advice would you offer to those looking to outsource SEO reliably? Money is not necessarily a factor as long as there is ROI, but like I said, I'm not looking to pay 100's of dollars per month for small websites which don't require that hardcore of SEO.
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