How my site get to Pg1 in 3 days, then Google dance for 7 days and finally, back to pg1 (higher rst)

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This is a little fun experience that happened to me and I would like to share it with every one in this Warrior forum because obviously, I learn a lot from other people and it's normal to come back and share the knowledge.

I found a niche with good visit and reasonable number of competitors (dating niche) and what I did was register a domain with exact keywords right away.

Now putting a thought about registering domain, I made a terrible mistake. I shouldn't have registered a new domain. Instead, I should have searched for an aged domain (with at least 1 year old and indexing by Google), so that I will not have any further trouble with Google (read my story below)

Back to the site. Right after I installed Wordpress and every SEO plug-ins, I submitted it to Google webmasters, Google Analytics and created a sitemap for faster indexing. My site got indexed after 24 hours.

Here are the list of plug-ins that I installed (recommend for everyone)

+ All in one SEO
+ All in one Webmasters
+ Google XML Sitemap
+ SEO Smart links
+ Go codes
+ Google Analytics by Yoast
+ tinyMCE Advanced (great tool for powerful text editing)

After that, I ordered a package of forum links. I remembered it's a package of 250 high PR Forum links and 2750 links to that tier 1.

This package alone boosted my newly created site to page 1 of Google in just 3 days and it was really awesome. ($17 to get your site to page 1, that's a damn cheap price)

But this's when my nightmare became reality.

Having too many backlinks in a short time (only 3 days) and from the fact that my site is new make it disappear from Google SERP for 7 days!

I panicked, I was freaked out and I didn't do anything.

I called for help in this WF and people gave me a lot of good advices as well as inspiration.

So, what I did are:

+ I continued building good backlinks with blog commenting. I commented on some KeywordLuv and CommentLuv blog. This gave me diversity in my link portfolio.

+ I ordered a package of .edu/.gov backlinks to give some authority to my backlink portfolio.

+ I ordered 1 article submission service to have consistent number of backlinks every day.

+ I don't care about indexing my backlinks right away. I figured out it's a mistake to mass indexing your links right after you receive a report because that will cause a huge suspect from Big G. Let your backlinks get crawled and indexed naturally and after a month, if your indexing rate is too low, then use service like Nuclear Link Indexer or Nuclear Ping Scheduler (software which only costs $2) to index your links.

So, my site has been backed to Page 1 and I learned a lot from this experience. I might write a WSO to share with you some more secrets stuff I got some other sites in competitive niche to get to page 1, what do you think?
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