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11 year old domain started building links build about 40 in a week and it starts climbing serps now dis appeared entirely.....most were close to first page because of how much keyword research was done how do i know if it just danced up to the 100's or actually got sand boxed.....? i cant give adress if nec
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    Hi mrshades,

    First of all there is no real "Google sandbox". There is what some people call the "sandbox effect", which is simply the principle of trusting a webpage that has stood the test of time.

    You mention the domain is 11 years old, however domain age has absolutely nothing to do with SERP ranking. Search engines don't rank domains, nor websites, they rank individual web documents.

    How old is the webpage content that dropped? If it's something new then naturally it has not stood the test of time and has not yet earned trust.

    What else has changed? how many pages were effected? Was it just one keyword on one page, or was it many different keywords and many different pages that dropped in ranking?
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    i thought age had a factor in the chance of being sandboxed i have never had anything like this ever happen...

    the content is about 6 months old and the entire site dropped out of top 100 right when i started building links again even without building many links
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    its still indexed an many pages were on page 1-3 of google and now just gone i heard it happens but still confused....

    links before starting according to market samurai 3 after when i got "lost" 15 i know i build many many more but thats all that is found so far
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    bump..... still need help with this is it dancing or did google just get rid of it from to many links to fast?
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    • I doubt your 40 or so links have been "too many". Have you done any serious SEO on that 11 year old domain before? Link velocity can play an important factor in ranking, so if this site hasn't seen any kind of SEO and suddenly gets links, it would be almost the same as if a brand new site would start receiving links.

      When did you start building links and since how long is the site gone?

      You could plug your URL into this checker: Lilengine.com | Google Penalty Checker Tool

      Yes, it only gives you a very rough guideline if your domain is facing any penalty or not, but it's still better than nothing.
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        You can't ever build links too fast.

        Was it an 11 year old site, or domain?

        Either way, age has nothing to do with anything either in
        this case.

        Dburk forgot the QDF, query deserves freshness bit.

        Patience and hard work. Over and over.


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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          This domain has no domain level penalty. This domain either did not rank, or ranked EXTREMELY LOW, for its top keywords. You should investigate this further....

          what does that mean exactly... that im ok? then why did it drop from page 1-2-3 to nowhere lol...

          and the domain is 11 years old
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    This is common and has happened to me a number of times. Even with domains that were more than a year old. Once I started throwing backlinks at them they started to dance, vanish for awhile, come back, dance, then eventually stabilize. Just keep plugging away and it should pop back up.
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    This is normal at least from my experiences. Sometime you may rank page 1 and the next day page 5
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