Best PPC book, what would you recommend?

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I know, I the time a book on anything SEO/SEM/PPC is written, edited, approved, & printed the material is outdated but....if you HAD to recommend one book that's given you insight, tips, comprehensive knowledge of or history of the whole PPC industry, what would that be?

Now this isn't a post to elicit flames or some affiliate to spam the post with his latest PPC eBook 'that will make you millions while sleeping...' crap. I'm just asking an honest question.

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    Hi Darrell,

    I think, for the minimal investment required, you can't beat Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide to Google Adwords. I am biased, as I've done some coaching with Perry, but even before I did that, I had his book.

    The e-book version is constantly updated, so it keeps up with Google's knee-jerks and hiccups.

    If you want to spend less, Perry has a bookstore book which is a beginner's guide to adwords, as well. A little less detailed, but still good.

    Adwords for Dummies is still fresh, and if you buy the book, you get a coupon for Google Adwords valued at more than the book--so, it's a "freebie" in a sense.

    Mind Valley Labs is a good source, too, but maybe more expensive?

    Hope this helps.

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    How much experience do you have in PPC? I have rights to an advanced, somewhat BH PPC book that I am thinking of re-releasing (not sure if I want to or not yet)

    If you have some experience and think you'd be qualified to give it an good, honest review, let me know and I'll send you a copy for free if you want.


    "If you're willing to do for a year what others won't, you can do for a lifetime what others CAN'T!"
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    • I've been using Adwords, Overture (when it was...), Miva, et al for years. I'm fairly confident in my skills.
      I've used PPC to make a lot of money & feel I'd be a good reviewer for it if you're interested; let me know.

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    If I was looking for something that was free I would choose:
    - Perry Marshall's free 5 day email course OR
    - Brad Callen's "Google Adwords made Easy"

    For paid books, the first one I read, which taught me a lot was Perry Marshall's Adwords book.

    I also enjoyed and learned a few interesting techniques from reading "Day Job Killer".

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