Can I 'practice' different SEO techniques on diff kws for same site w/o it harming the site overall?

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If I want to test say a more spammy method for one keyword while testing a more quality route for another yet both are pointing to the same site would it have any bearing on the site/each respective kw?

From what I've been reading most of this 'sandboxing' stuff is a myth and rather than there being some exile where naughty websites are sent to from what I've read they just disappear from serps due to google not counting them as relevant and similar. Maybe if you did something really 'bad' like illegal stuff but I'm not talking about that here- I'm just talking about where ppl complain of their site being 'deindexed' for doing spam backlinks or similar.

So my question is if I were doing SEO which hindered one kw's results in the serps would that adversely affect other ones if both point to the same site?

If not I was thinking I can freely try out diff techniques in isolation (rather than doing loads at the same time and not knowing what's working) for each kw to see which ones work best. I know I can do one thing at a time for each keyword but that would take longer so if it wouldnt hurt then I could test several things in parallel.
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