Blogger account deleted. dofollow or nofollow?

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Hi guys,

I've been reading around on this subject but i can't find a definite answer (including the one posted here on war forum). i recently started building links. what i did was i made blogs (2 on wp and 2 on blogger) and then post articles that i already posted on my site first and then i put 2 links on each articles; one pointing to my pre-sell page and the other is the link to the original article. obviously both links go to my wp website.

both have been working fine for 2 weeks. until i read about nofollow/dofollow. so far the articles (by default i guess) uses nofollow for those links. and then i changed them to dofollow. guess what? g00gle deleted my blogger account 10 minutes after marking my 2 blogs as spam blog. the wp ones are fine.

so my questions to you guys are:

1. what is the impact of making links into dofollow? will g00gle downgrade my website (PR wise; even though my website is fairly new)?
2. what do you guys do in your link building effort (do you use dofollow or nofollow)?
3. what elements to consider when choosing between nofollow and dofollow?

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    I would also like to know the answer to this. Are links in blogger, wordpress and tumblr blogs nofollow by default? If so, how can they be made into dofollow links, if at all possible?
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      I have quote a few blogspot blogs, never any nofollow nonsense, and
      I have never had any trouble.

      Your blog was pulled for other reasons. Taking off nofollow would have nothing
      to do with anything.

      Nofollow does not mean not seen. Nofollow can be as much spam as any regular link.
      In fact, since nofollow was created to combat spam, logically speaking, google would
      see a nofollow link as a possible spam link. But even that makes no sense.

      There is no reason to make any of your links nofollow. Just putting the nofollow
      attribute does not make google blind to the link.

      Your account got canned for other reasons.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    "then post articles that i already posted on my site first"

    you made duplicate posts? something to think about...wouldn't get you banned though
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    Unfortunately, without looking at the site we will never be able to know for sure. Maybe not even then. Of course, the site's gone now. From what I san glean from your description though it might have been issues of duplicate stuff.
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