how many backlinks to get a site back up the rankings ?

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If you managed to get a niche site ranked high in google just by using seo tactics then after a few weeks it slipped down the rankings, how many backlinks would you say that you needed to do to get it back up there ?
10 ? 100 ?

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    How long is a piece of string?

    It depend on a lot of factors.

    Just build backlinks until you hit position 1.
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    In my opinion backlinking is the backbone to bring your site to first spot

    My 2 cents
    Money is a symbol of confidence in ourselves!
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    There is not any limit of links just you will have to build only quality backlinks so that you could get back your search engine ranking

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    thankyou for sharing good information
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    Backlinks quality is important than the quantity.

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    The anchor text of the back links must match or contain the keywords you are targeting to be of good quality. It also depends on the strength, age and back links of the competing sites and how competitive the market is for that keyword or keyword phrase.
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      You can check my signature for you to see. You can earn lots of backlinks using my new linking strategy.
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    • Yip, unfortunately there is no definite answer to this. It depends completely on the niche and the other sites ranking for it.
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    difficult to determine that
    The first look at the strength of competitors, after it strengthened your backlinks with quality backlinks

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    It is not possible to say how many backlinks are required for your keyword. There have so many factors with this issue. It varies keyword to keyword. Just continue making backlinks until you get the 1 position.
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      Ok, thanks people, seems to vary a lot to really say then
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    The niche of the website would decide that how much time and SEO strategy you would required to get ranking back for your website.
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    Backlinks are not the only option for you to get your site back in rankings. But if your concern is only in backlinks, there are no specific numbers of backlinks needed in ranking your site. Just focus on getting good quality links and see the results.

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    There are no specific tactics on how to get your site back to rankings, there are many factors in ranking a site. But if you want to get your site back to rankings, you should apply all SEO methods and maintain good quality content.
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