Using SEnuke, SERPAssist, Article Marketing Robot, etc. To Promote Non-English Sites?

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Are back link automation tools like SEnuke, SERPAssist, Article Marketing Robot etc. good for promoting non-English sites?

I see 2 ways of doing this:

1) Posting English language articles all over the web and providing back links with Keyword in Target language.

With that strategy, I think it might backfire because it's not natural link building. Sites do not usually get large quantities of back links from sites in different language.

2) Finding sites that allow non-English content, and post content in target language with back link.

And here the big question is, which of the sites supported by automation tools allow non-English content? I don't even know how to find out, as the Terms usually don't even address the topic of language.

I've seen German articles on Squidoo, though. :-)

It would be great to hear from people who have tried it.

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    The sites aren't actually supported by the automation tools, they are added without being asked.

    I've had English articles submitted to my directories with links pointing at non English sites, but I am wary of that if I don't understand the language. It's hard to figure out if the sites have offensive material that I don't want to link to or not, but that would be a minority. I would also guess that most of the directories don't accept non English articles for the same reason.
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      hi mate, I work with seo and its very hard to make this for anothers language.
      better its use linkbuilding for the websites 2.0 in ours language.
      I try to use yours 1# strategy and dont feel diference in the serp.
      Lets see what people say.
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    hi there, I do this all the time.

    If you're using AMR, I still do some blasts by translating my article and adding the link to the resource section, although it will not probably have the same link juice that it would have on a site from the same language.

    However, with Article Marketing Robot you can add your own Wordpress sites, and many article directories use wordpress as their platform, so add them in there and post to those.

    With SENuke, Profiles still work, even if they are on another language, same goes with social bookmarks and web 2.0 sites like wordpress or blogger.

    What I would also do is use SEO Spyglass to find backlinking opportunities based on competitors in your niche and language, or use Scrapebox to scrape some blogs to comment on and get extra backlinks (follow or nofollow) from the target country.

    Hope it helps
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