Renewal Of Sandboxed Sites, Convenient Or Not?

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I have more than 50 sites, Sandboxed by big G , some of them having more than 8 months in that situation (I presume for direct Scrapebox blasts).

However they are not de-indexed, and many of the above mentioned sites are a among the top 10 sites for the main KWs for Yahoo and Bing, but beyond position 1000 with 0 backlinks for Google.

Those sandboxed sites are reaching the deadline for the first year domain renewal; I am sick and tired to wait for "big G" to re-establish them to a good shape! Can they be gone for ever?

I need your advice, please:

* Do I renew the domain and keep on waiting for rehab from Google or

* Do I buy a new domain with slightly similar URL (eg. instead of with the same content plus new posts, but doing a fresh start from scratch?

Thank you
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    Any orientation, please?

    Thank you
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    Keep the domain.

    Keep adding content.

    Backlink from relevant sites.


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