[CJOLT] I'm sick of not ranking that well... HiTMarketing!

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I guess what I'm trying to say is...
I did something about it when I was sick and tried of it.

In fact, I told the story before, my 13 year old cousin followed
a system that got his ranking, up to 1,300+ in less than 30 days
and over 8,000 hits/60-90/days. Why? Proper, Respectful, SEO.

SEO takes lots of skills and adapting to the market.

people need to categories themselves
into easy passages that can get you
through making decisions in your
business that requires you to
follow the methods for full access.

Common Question...
1) What type of SEO do I rank with?
My answer is GOOD Question. (Those who asked at the webinar)
SEO isn't just a tool or software that you flip it on and it does it for you.
Mostly you need to take something and make it your own.

Take Initiative.

Survey says
"The biggest issue relates to usability to take incentive goal keeping on products in 2011."
- SEO Destination, since 2004.

You shouldn't jump on every first offer.




Good link structures and modified keyword links.

[For those Advanced Warriors] you all know what I'm talking about. :]
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