how can i get my site ranked on Google

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I need help, i want to get my site ranked on google and many other search engines, any suggestion?

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    More than easy, but it takes time... And lots of effort. Also you`ll never know if it`s gonna work, as google is unpredictable...
    Better is app business, 100%
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    Try this FREE ebook I found on the web

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      The basic formula is to create lots of quality content that is of use to your readers, and to get other sites to link to you. This is the core of getting ranked in google. Sure there are other aspects to it, but these two things are the bread and butter. All the best of success!!
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    You have you do SEO... It's gonna take time and hard work.
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    Build Quality Backlinks and target the Keyword you wanna rank at. There are lots of SEO guides available on internet, try searching them on warrior forum or google
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    To get high search engine rankings, the most important thing is well optimization of website. Make sure that your website is well optimized with all on page SEO techniques. Second is quality link building. Build quality back links through different SEO sources.

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    Build high quality do-follow blog comments, and social bookmarking, you'll then notice your rank will slightly increase within a few days.
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    A well optimized on page seo and build some quality backlinks.
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    You just need to do some quality work for your site. Update fresh content in your site and generate some quality backlinks.
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    do link building. There are several methods on how to build links and you can learn them through the internet.

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