At what point should i buy proxies when commenting on blogs?

by Itsbob
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Hi all,

im starting to blog comment. Ive been using scrapebox to pull my competitors backlinks,blog analyzer to rank em and find the open ones, and im almost ready to start posting.

for the high pr blogs id like to post manually. i figure for starters id post up to 100 backlinks per day (total) for a few sites i have. My question is, should i be paying for proxies so that im not always post from the same ip?

for the low pr and the auto approved blogs, which i would eventually get to, i defintely plan on mixing up free proxies with some paid ones, and have the software post for me (as im less concerned with getting accepted or not for those blogs).

But my current concern is whether the 50-100 posts per day that ill start with could suffer some kind of penalty if they are all made from the same ip. 50-100 daily doesnt seem like much to me, which is why im asking.

if it could be a problem ill just go ahead and start with some mixed ones (like 30 purchased proxies). What do you guys thing?

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    I use SB as well, I use the free proxies for scraping and paid proxies to post ONLY. I have 25 paid proxies and never had one fail and never needed them replaced. You should also keep your lists of free proxies, you can often find a few ones that don't get abused and can use them for months. Then you can compile a huge list and remove duplicates and test them. I got about 50 free ones that never fail
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    awesome, thanks
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    You can use public proxies for a while until you can afford private proxies
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    If you're making quality comments on these blogs, that are not blatant spam, why would you need to hide behind a proxy? I'm just wondering...not saying there's no reason for it. I just don't know.
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    • You should use proxies anytime you use automation tools.

      That about sums it up.
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    Not to hijack the thread - but how many times do you post on an ip before you change it up? Is every 50-100 posts enough or should you do it more frequently?
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    whois checker
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      It is really up to you, but for posting you will probably have more success with private proxies.

      There is no magic number of posts per day to look at. Your IP could get labeled as a spammer after 3 posts or after 300 posts.
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        about 20 posts per ip is a safe number
        for proxies you can check out
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          Originally Posted by shazim View Post

          about 20 posts per ip is a safe number
          for proxies you can check out

          Worst proxy service ever stay away!
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    Well , for just posting , you can harvest Free Proxies and Test Them and Later use them. They do the job. But if you are looking for high speed alternative to free proxies you should prefer private proxies.
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