Results in different Google sites -- how much does location play a role?

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I have a business that is truly worldwide. I must rank well in Google US, China, and other countries.

I happen to host in Hong Kong, but much of my target market is in the US. I have noticed, particularly since the Farmer/Panda update, that there are massive swings in SERPs for my keywords depending on which Google us being used to search.

Example: (Hong Kong), pos #3; (no VPN), pos #16, (with VPN, USA location) not even in top 100.

No difference when logged into Google or not.

What is going on? How is it possible for hosting to have that much of an impact on search results -- could Google be that stupid? Assuming that the location of hosting is also the location of the target market?

Please tell me -- how do we set up our SEO so that we can rank in the US as well as in the local Google sites.

Appreciate the advice in advance.
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    When I want to get good results in a country I write content that has Geo Targeted titles like.

    Why are Blue widgets Expensive in the U.K.

    What's the Best Blue Widget in California

    Looking For A Great Blue Widget in Canada - Then Check This Out

    You get the idea, you need to Geo-target your content articles and Geo-target your backlinking keywords to help with rank in different countries.

    This has helped me in the past.
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    I have also noticed this: keywords that we've tried to own and done a ton of link-building come up first page no matter what. Those that we have just started on get a quick bump on the local Google, but nothing on the US Google.

    Does this practice work for blog commenting as well?
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