Just found some software to get your site indexed, and it is free.

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The title pretty much says it all, so I will just give you the link to get it.

Free Instant Google Index and Backlink Tool | MLMWorldNow – Larry Nunn

I haven't tried it as I just now found it, but I know many want to get their sites indexed quickly and this fellow says you can do it with this software. And it is free so there is no downside to it, other than your time.

Hope it helps.
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    Cool. I'll be interested to see how well it works.
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    yes really want to know more about it..
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    OK i will download this software and will check it for my site.
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    Hummm !

    caseyscreen, I am curious if you got any results ? With Google making all the changes, I get a little nervous trying free services when it comes to backlinks. But you never know.

    Anyway, would be interesting to find out the results if some has already used it.
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  • Cool thanks Tim.

    I also find that just adding my homepage to digg.com does the trick pretty quickly too.
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    OK. I'm trying this out on a old, free, redundant website that I just happen to have hanging around doing nothing.

    Firstly, to activate the free software, you have to double confirm your email address. Instantly, this indicates to me that my email details have gone on a marketing email list. Perhaps not the worse kind of spammers list as they are using a double opt in, but I'll let you know the spam levels.

    After that, the software was easy to use. It tells me it has created 70 backlinks - and all I did was to enter a URL, a keyword and then press the button. I'll let you know if and when these backlinks appear to have been picked up by Google.

    I'll post back here when I get further results.

    A comment from Funchal, the capital city of the beautiful holiday island of Madeira

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    Thanks alot - I also use a similar software for indexing.
    "Things may come to those who wait, but only things left by those who hustle". - Abraham Lincoln
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      Okay, so it's more than 2 weeks since I tried out this software on my "redundant" website.

      When I search in Google for backlinks to my site's URL using the "Links:" operator, it comes up with zero.

      When I put my site's URL in Yahoo Site Explorer, it comes up with another big fat zero for the number of backlinks.

      I know my site was previously listed in Google, so this negative result is not because my site has been "banned" by Google.

      So, in this single test case, this software certainly did not help build my backlink profile.

      I have also seen an increase in SPAM being sent to my registered email address - although, I cannot say if this has originated from, or is linked to, the company/person that promotes this software product.

      In view of the totally negative result that I have got from the first testing of this product, I will not waste anymore time in further testing.

      A comment from Funchal, the capital city of the beautiful holiday island of Madeira

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        Hi Warriors,

        My name is Larry Nunn and I am the one that promoted this software.
        The indexer software can be re-branded and you can give away FREE on your website connected to an auto responder for activation code. This builds your list

        I am not allowed to post links, since i don't have 15 reply's yet but
        You can get it here on this WSO

        As far as if it works, I don't think the link: method to check works very well try your domain inside "" quotes

        Larry Nunn
        bestweight-loss-diet dot com
        mlmworldnow dot com/wp
        freebroadcastsolo dot com
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    Nuclear Link Crawler is free too: Nuclear link crawler

    Create RSS feeds and auto notify Google to crawl your backlinks.

    Powerful Indexer That Makes Your Backlinks Count ==> Nuclear Link Indexer

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