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Hey I need expert advice, whats the best way to check if a site has been sandboxed?


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    Since there is no sandbox....


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    I believe if you:

    Google the domain like:
    And if it comes up 1st its not sandboxed. But if its 5th then its -5, 20th, then its -20, etc.
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    I also want to know how to check sandboxed websites, thanks in advance
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    If your site has a good Google Page Rank and incoming links, and it shows up in search results for some secondary search phrases, but the site is nowhere to be found for the most important searches; then it is very likely the site has been placed in the Google Sandbox.
    You can easily tell if its a sandbox or a google penalty. If a site is punished from a Google penalty, the site would not appear in the Google search engine results pages (SERPs) for even the less important keyword searches. The site would also show no PageRank or even a grey bar on the Google Toolbar in case of Google penalty. The alleged Google Sandbox filter is apparently designed to concern itself with the more competitive keywords as they are more likely to have spam sites, purchased inbound links Google deems unnatural, and probably more manipulation attempts being made.
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