thinking of buying senukex what is the best bonus out there?

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I'm thinking of buying senukex what is the best bonus out there?
any guru is giving some great product or service for signing through his affiliate link?
thanks a lot!
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    There are various kind of bonuses available - from physical products to multiple additional online courses. You should choose based on what suits to your need and depending on what your weaknesses are where you might need help. I'm offering some bonuses worth $5000+ for SeNukeX. You can see if it fits to your needs. Check my signature below to find details.
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      Molan, if you really care about the bonus I'd be wary of people like the poster above who point you at a generic free blog with no history about who they or that claim somehow that you are getting $5000 worth of bonuses. Seems damn fishy to me.

      That being said, Vita Vee is a VERY well known internet marketer and has a good bonus offer of a free subscription to his daily article service.

      Just Google "Vita Vee Senuke X" and you'll find his bonus.
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        I'm not offering a bonus, but rather putting together a low cost ($4.97/mo) high end membership training site for SENukeX users that will specialize in providing:

        Detailed Training Videos - videos done with the total newbie in mind.
        Campaign Documentation - we start campaigns, show you keywords, track it, & show results.
        How to, Strategy, & Advanced Guidance Videos - teaching everybody everything we know.
        Remote Desktop Videos - we connect to you, answer your questions, provide walkthru's.
        Webinars - walkthrus, explainations of new features, answering questions, etc.
        Audio - Q&A phone calls, strategy, methodolgy, walkthrus, etc.
        How to Documentation - walkthrus, strategies, do's and don'ts, etc
        Interactive Format - social community where everyone can give input, suggestions, ideas.

        Scope & Vision
        It would start small, with something like 3-5 videos, documentation for newbies, Templates & Strategies, etc. You would be polled and we would ask you these questions:

        • What type of training videos do you want? What topics do you want us to cover?
        • What specific type of documentation do you need? How can we explain it better?
        • What topics do you want to see webinars on? What about live Webinars?
        • In what other ways can we serve you?

        There's a team of 3 of us putting together this site. We would work hard to get it up and running within 2 weeks. As the site grows, we would also hire contractors, bloggers, video editors, SEO teachers, and whoever else we can find to provide you with a top notch SENUkeX Training experience.

        Does that sound like something you'd be interested in?
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    there are currently a ton of bonus sites on the market, some are decent with top bonuses, others are pretty much scams.

    If you google senukex bonus I'm sure you will find tons of sites, just be careful and make an informed decision using common sense and base your decision on what you need most to accompany the senukex software.

    I have my own senukex bonus in my signature below, if it's something your interested in then great just be sure to shoot me an email. Best of luck with your search!
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