Bing Just Dropped In Report, But Not On SERPS

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Hi everyone,

I'm brand new to this forum, but have already found a ton of useful information.

I run a weekly report (seosharesite) that tracks keyword rankings for Google, Bing and Yahoo. I use this to report to upper management. This week, the report showed a dive in virtually every tracked keyword on Bing, but not on Google (stayed the same) and not on Yahoo (actually increased).

The odd thing is that I checked some of the more dramatic ranking drops (from #1 to #31) and we still show up like we did the previous week, but in others, especially the ones that were de-listed in the report, are truly gone.

Has anyone else shown any issues with Bing starting this last week (the report runs Sunday PM for the previous week)? I know I'm going to have to explain this, and I'm not exactly sure how....
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